The Great Scot

by Donna Kauffman

Bookcover: The Great Scot

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The Great Scot
Donna Kauffman
Kensington Brava
January 2009
ISBN 10: 075821202X
Romance novel


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Book Description for The Great Scot

Location coordinator Erin McGregor knows she's finally found the perfect setting for her romance reality show, Your Prince Charming. The Chisholm clan stronghold in the Scottish Highlands has it all-romantic moors, windswept cliffs, misty lochs, a four-hundred-year-old castle, and possibly the most gorgeous man she's ever laid eyes on in chieftain Dylan Chisholm. Nothing like a guy with a sexy accent and a big...turret to make a girl all wonky-kneed. Right. No time for wonky. Time to get over her fixation with the Hot Scot and get back to business. And Erin will...any minute now...

With his three youngest brothers spoken for, Dylan Chisholm is at the top of his village's matchmaking list. Now they've sent some impish, forthright American lass up to tempt him into a devil's bargain: he can let the Yanks use his castle to film their foolish romance show, and in exchange, he'll get the money his village desperately needs. It took a tragic loss to get Dylan to embrace his heritage and his duty. He can't turn away from such a promising offer. But keeping his thoughts off Erin McGregor is another matter. She's everything he never wanted in a woman, and suddenly, she's everything he craves in every way possible...

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