Ebook Readers and eReaders

Ebook Readers and eReaders are perfect for erotic romance for a variety of reasons.

  1. Privacy (Do you really want everyone to see that super-sexy cover for that super-hot book you're reading this week?)
  2. Security (Who really wants the little ones to get their hands on their spicy romance novels?)
  3. Variety (We all know the selection of erotic romance is biggest in ebook format.)

If you want the most up-to-date information on the NOOK or Kindle readers, follow one of these links: Kindle eReader or NOOK eReader.

Nook from Barnes and Noble


Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Ebook Reader and eReader Options

Although there are other kinds of eReaders and ebook readers available, from your phone to your computer, I'm focusing on the two most populuar independent ebook reading devices available today, the Nook and the Kindle.

When you're reading erotic romance, it can be embarrassing to show your bookcovers in public. I'm not a prude by any means but my respect for other people makes it impossible for me to be comfortable showing off explicit covers where others might be offended or disturbed.

Ebook readers and eReaders make it perfectly easy to carry any kind of book with you to read any time you have time available.

Nook eReader

Nook from Barnes and NobleFrom Barnes & Noble, the Nook is an ebook reader that offers wireless access to books through either Wi-Fi or 3G. Books, photos and audio can also be loaded through a USB connection to a computer. There's a color touch screen and an E-Ink display screen. The Nook has 2 GB of internal storage and space for a Micro SD card. There's a headphone jack for listening to MP3 music or audio files and a built in mono speaker on the bottom of the Nook. See more info or buy the Nook

Go to my review of the NOOK ebook reader.

Amazon Kindle eReader

Amazon Kindle The Amazon Kindle is an ebook reader that offers wireless access to books through a 3G wireless connection or a USB connection to a computer. There's an E-Ink display screen, a keyboard at the bottom of the device, and a text-to-speech feature. There's a headphone jack for listening to MP3 music or audio files and built in stereo speakers on the back of the Kindle. See more info or buy the Kindle

Go to my page for the Kindle ebook reader.

Nook Vs Kindle

Nook Versus Kindle
This Nook Versus Kindle photo shows that the Kindle is slightly larger than the Nook, but the Nook is slightly thicker and heavier. The E-Ink reading viewscreen is the same for both devices at 6 inches.

I recently bought a Nook, after a year of planning to buy the Kindle. The recent price reduction for the Nook along with the Nook's Wi-fi and Android OS was more than I could resist.

Compare Nook and Kindle

I'm not sure it's best to compare the Nook to the Kindle simply because you need to know what features you need and then make your decision about which ebook reader will work better for you.

Things I took into consideration were:

Support for epub format
Nook has epub format support, but using Calibre, you can convert many epub books to other formats.
Better speakers
Kindle has stereo speakers and Nook has a mono speaker, but both ebook readers have a headphone jack for better quality audio.
The Nook is smaller but thicker and heavier, while the Kindle is larger but thinner and lighter. The differences aren't all that significant.
Both devices use a 3G network, but the Nook also has Wi-Fi built in. The Kindle has international 3G service, but the Nook is limited to the U.S.
The Nook has a Micro SD slot, but the Kindle doesn't.
Battery Life
For reading, the Kindle has the superior battery life. Running Wi-Fi on the Nook seriously affects battery performance. However, if you're charging each night, this might not be as noticable. The Nook has a removable/replaceable battery while the Kindle does not. The Kindle will last significantly longer on a single charge though, at about 14 days (reading only, no wireless use) compared to the Nook at about 10 days (reading only, no wireless use).
The Kindle has a keyboard, while the Nook has a touch screen (with a virtual keyboard).
As of the writing of this comparison, the Nook has two versions available: the Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi/3G edition. Prices are at all time lows at $149 and $199. The Kindle has two versions: the Kindle (also called the Kindle 2) and the Kindle DX. The Kindle price is $189 and the Kindle DX is $489.

Prices could change at any time! In fact, two days ago, while I was still just thinking of buying a Nook, the prices were $259 for both the Nook and the Kindle.

Check current prices for the Kindle

check current prices for the Nook

Ebook Reader Must Have

Calibre is a program you'll want to install on your computer if you have an ebook library full of books in different formats. Calibre is a free program that lets you manage, convert, and load your ebooks. Calibre works with many ebook reader programs. Just follow the link to download a copy.


Instant reads need instant books. If you're looking for erotic romance for your ebook reader, then you'll want to check out the instant reads page listing many great erotic romance ebooks and possibly even the erotica instant reads page listing many great erotica ebooks.

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