Pleasure Island

by Lorie O'Clare

Bookcover: Pleasure Island

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Pleasure Island
Lorie O'Clare
Kensington Aphrodisia
Trade Paperback
May 2009
304 Pages
ISBN 10: 0758234473
ISBN 13: 978-0758234476
Romance novel


Formats » Trade Paperback

Book Description for Pleasure Island

Travel to an island paradise where sensual delights by day lead to hedonistic pleasures by night...

Perfect Vacation

Paradise Island seems like the ideal getaway for Natalie Green. She can't wait to fulfill her secret sexual fantasies, and once she's read the contract, she's ready to sign on the dotted line for two weeks of pure carnal ecstasy. Now all she has to do is choose the...

Perfect Men

With their hard bodies and skilled fingers, Nicolas and Tomas take turns pleasuring Natalie in ways she's never felt before. And when the three of them embark on a wild ride of passion together, it's the most erotic experience she's ever felt. But that's when she discovers the...

Perfect Deception

Mind-blowing sex is incredible, yet Natalie senses something is not quite right with the men in her life. And when she explores the island, she discovers the truth—and the incredible secret about Paradise Island...

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