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I never really thought about the fact that I didn't have a page just for the erotica ebooks that were available to download and read instantly until one day when I realized some of the books on the site that were available as ebooks weren't that easy to find on the site. So here that page is, a page of erotica novels available as ebook downloads. Enjoy these instant reads! Do you need an eReader for your instant reads? There's a page for that too.

Current selections

Books are listed in alphabetical order to make it easy to browse. If you're only interested in newer books to download, then look for New!. You'll find it near all the newest releases.

The erotic romance isn't on this page, so follow the link to the instant erotic romance reads if that's where you'd rather be!

Do you need an eReader for your instant reads? There's a page for that too.

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