Bare Nerve

by Katherine Garbera

Bookcover: Bare Nerve

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Bare Nerve
Katherine Garbera
Kensington Brava
Trade Paperback
January 2009
320 Pages
ISBN 10: 075823208X
ISBN 13: 978-0758232083
Romance novel


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Book Description for Bare Nerve

Once upon a time, there were three little girls. Charity. Justine. Anna. Individually, they're lethal weapons. Together? They're the force to be reckoned with at Liberty Investigations. Their bodies may be made for sin, but everything else is for kicking ass...


The daughter of an English aristocrat and former British ambassador, Anna Sterling doesn't need to get her hands dirty to obliterate the bad guys. She can destroy lives using nothing more than a laptop. Now her formidable hacking skills have uncovered a black market gun-running operation, and Anna—along with a group of ex-mercenaries headed by Jack Savage—travels to Algiers to track down the leader. Jack is as rough around the edges as Anna is refined, which makes the blazing night they spend together completely inexplicable—and mindblowingly hot...

Jack's the best at what he does, and he'll make no apologies for his methods—or for wanting gorgeous, sophisticated Anna anywhere and everywhere he can get her. If she's wary of him now, she'd be even more shocked by the man he used to be. But the only way to keep her safe, and take down the enemy, is to risk the one thing Jack never thought to lose—his heart.

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