Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy

by HelenKay Dimon

Bookcover: Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy

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Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy
HelenKay Dimon
Kensington Brava
March 2009
320 Pages
ISBN 10: 075821586X
ISBN 13: 978-0758215864
Romance novel


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Book Description for Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy

Never Let Me Go

Annie Parks came to Hawaii to settle a score, not spend time handcuffed to a sexy stranger's bed—even if said stranger saved her from drowning after she was pitched overboard by some goons. Looking at six feet of hard, Hawaiian muscle and gorgeous cool that's making forgotten parts of her say, "Aloha!," Annie needs to stay focused. But a side dish of Kane Travers is awfully tempting.

Kauai Police Chief Kane Travers is not a vacation kind of guy. So it figures that when Internal Affairs suspended him, he'd end up rescuing a sarcastic, dishonest, extremely hot redhead who is clearly hiding something. Kane's got half a mind to give Miss Whoever She Is something she'll never forget, even if his cop senses tell him she needs his protection. But how can he get her to tell him anything when his mouth won't stop covering hers?

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