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Kathleen Dienne's first book was published by Carina Press in June 2010. Her Heart's Divide is an erotic romance novella that plays with the concept of alternate universes. The concept caught my eye as a reader because I adore alternate universe and alternate reality stories. My decision to read the first few pages of the novella to see if the story was something I might enjoy ended up carrying me all the way to the very sexy end of the book. I liked both the story and Kathleen Dienne's writing.

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Kathleen Dienne has been a reporter, a theatrical stage manager, a ghostwriter, a sloganeer, a video game consultant, and a marketing analyst. Fiction seems to be the most honest stuff that she's written.

She is very lucky to have the enthusiastic support of a brilliant husband, a delightful toddler, and several elderly beagles. When she isn't writing, she's reading, and if she's not reading, she's taking photographs of the husband/toddler/beagles and making elaborate scrapbooks. Secretly, she practices Italian with those "speak and learn" CDs in hopes of someday moving to Tuscany. So far, the only person picking up Italian with any fluency is the toddler.

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