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Harlequin's Blaze books are by far the tamest of the erotic romance novels I've chosen to showcase.

Generally, Blaze books are based on some sexy premise and feature a storyline in which sex plays a significant role in the developing romance.

Here's how to find the Harlequin Blaze books on this site. Follow the books-by-year links to see all the Harlequin Blaze books that have been published. If you're looking for a list of the books in a specific Blaze Miniseries, follow the miniseries links. (Miniseries pages are a work in progress, so titles may be missing from the lists.)

Dead Sexy

Harlequin apparently got the idea for the Blaze series when they discovered that the Harlequin Temptations carrying the special Blaze logo outsold the standard Temptation. I think that's when they realized that today's romance readers were looking for more good old-fashioned, toe-curling, panty-wetting sexual sizzle in their romance.

My first read of a Blaze book was the short-story anthology Harlequin put out to introduce the Harlequin Blaze line.

Midnight Fantasies contained three stories that I read pretty quickly. Although the sex wasn't anything out of the ordinary, the stories were lively, fun, and quick reads.

Of the three stories in the book, my favorite was Vicki Lewis Thompson's Mystery Lover. In it the heroine has had a crush on a man that's been a friend of hers for years. Although they've never been more than friends, she wants to be. They manage to meet unintentionally, anonymously (at least he doesn't know it's her) and they get it on, sort of. Lots of fun stuff happens, which I won't give away, but I thought it was a great little story.

Category books (what Harlequins and the like are called in the publishing industry) often go out of print faster than other books, but used copies will probably continue to be available.

Sometimes you can find the backlists of certain authors at

Thirty Nights by JoAnn Ross was the next Blaze I read. It was such a fabulous book, it deserved its own page for a review. So I gave it one.

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