Black Lace books

According to the publisher, "Black Lace books are unashamedly explicit and have explored areas of sexual fantasy where other women's erotica has feared to tread."

There are quite a few erotic romances in the list, but you'll want to choose carefully if you're just looking for envelope-pushing happy ever afters. You might prefer Berkley Sensation, Kensington Brava, or Ellora's Cave Romantica.

Quote from Black Lace books: "We're keen to ensure that Black Lace books change and develop to keep pace with an increasingly sophisticated audience. Where once we published many stories with historical themes, our readership told us overwhelmingly that they preferred to read settings and characters they can relate to: contemporary women in believable situations where the sexual dynamics sizzle. The readership want upbeat contemporary stories with loads of outrageous sex - and that's just what we plan to give them." And their description of their anthologies is just as promising, "Only the most arousing and inspiring erotic fiction makes it into a Black Lace anthology!"

Here's an alphabetized listing of all the books from Black Lace. You'll also find the books categorized by anthologies, novels, and short stories and novellas (if any).

Also see: Black Lace books by publication date (It's a work in progress because I don't have publication dates for all the Black Lace books!)



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