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My first Avon Red read was Cathy Yardley's Crave, and although Avon Red publishes and labels their books as erotica, this book definitely contained a romance (the kind I like). So, although there's the possibility that not all the releases are romance, many of the books have been written by authors who do write romance.

Avon Red claims "In today's marketplace, Erotica is one of the fastest-growing segments of women's fiction. Avon Red bestows the best, most sophisticated erotic fiction available in the industry, written by the most talented authors."

That's no joke. From Cathy Yardley to Jess Michaels, these authors know how to raise the temperature.

Here's an alphabetized listing of all the books from Avon Red. You'll also find the books categorized by anthologies, novels, and short stories and novellas (if any).


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