Red Sage Secrets books

Looking for a sensual treat with an extra helping of spice? Red Sage Publishing publishes Secrets, a collection of erotic romance stories gathered together into anthologies. They're up to volume #10. As Affaire de Coeur Magazine says, "These are the kind of stories that romance readers that 'want a little more' have been looking for all their lives...."

Secrets Anthologies

Just what I like, lots of steamy sex and happy endings. The Secrets erotic romance anthologies each have 4 stories, and as the publisher, Red Sage Publishing says, "Each volume of Secrets is a collection of four diverse, ultra-spicy tales — sexy romantic novellas brimming with sensuality. And one story each time is a walk on the wild side — a more adventurous tale for the more adventurous reader. Our stories can fall anywhere in the romance genre; from historicals to contemporary, from fantasy to science fiction — there's something for everyone."

That's all I need to know! They're erotic, sexy, and hot enough to curl your toes.


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