The Erotic Reader domain (and website, if interested) are for sale.

I've run the website for The Erotic Reader since the early 2000s, but lately, I haven't had the time or interest to keep the site up and running. I'm interested in passing it on to someone else, or just selling the domain name to an interested party.

Over the years, the site has meant a lot to me, so I need a reason to justify letting it go. I've decided that selling the site and/or domain is a good enough reason.

If you're interested, make an offer. Use the contact form here to contact me. If we decide to go forward, I'll find an escrow service for the sale.

I'm not looking to give the site away and will not be letting the domain expire so waiting around for that to happen will be a long, sad wait. But do contact me if you're interested in purchasing the domain (or the domain and content).

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