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Although there are other kinds of ereaders available, including the Nook ereader for Barnes & Noble, I like the two pictured above. :)

Ebook Readers and eReaders are perfect for erotic romance reading

Here's why.

  1. Privacy: I don't want everyone to see that super-sexy cover on that super-hot book I'm reading this week. Do you?
  2. Security: Some of the stuff I read is not what I want my kids reading until they're much older. I'm sure I'm not alone in that. ;)
  3. Variety: The selection of erotic romance is biggest in ebook format. In fact, erotic romance is HUGE in indie publishing. Lots of great books for all tastes, and I love that!

Ebook readers and eReaders make it perfectly easy to carry any kind of book with you to read any time you have time available.

Ebook reader must haves

1. Ebook library manager

Calibre is a program you'll want to install on your computer if you have an ebook library full of books in different formats. Calibre is a free program that lets you manage, convert, and load your ebooks. Calibre works with many ebook reader programs. Just follow the link to download a copy.

2. Ebooks!

Instant reads need instant books. If you're looking for erotic romance for your ebook reader, then you'll want to check out the instant reads page listing many great erotic romance ebooks and possibly even the erotica instant reads page listing many great erotica ebooks.

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