Hittin' It

by Amie Stuart

Bookcover: Hittin' It

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Hittin' It
Amie Stuart
Kensington Aphrodisia
Trade Paperback
February 2009
256 Pages
ISBN 10: 0758228562
ISBN 13: 978-0758228567
Romance novel


Formats » Trade Paperback

Book Description for Hittin' It

Killer Instincts

As a professional hit man, Will Collier has more secrets than most. But on a sweltering Texas night, the lives he's taken rank second place to the love he'd like to be making with a sensual Bohemian beauty. . .

Sabrina Walker is intimately familiar with the havoc Cupid can wreak. She's determined that love will never seduce her again, until she meets Will Collier and discovers that some secrets are better when shared....

Killer Body

John Collier is a hit man who takes his work seriously. Some would say too seriously. He's hell-bent on revenge until he gets sidetracked by an Irish-American mob princess with killer curves and a glib tongue....

Tish Page isn't afraid to use a little good, old-fashioned blackmail to get what she wants. She'll do anything to protect her family. And more importantly, she'll do anything to keep John Collier in her bed and by her side....

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