Texas Men

by Delilah Devlin

Bookcover: Texas Men

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Texas Men
Delilah Devlin
Kensington Aphrodisia
Trade Paperback
February 2009
320 Pages
ISBN 10: 0758228732
ISBN 13: 978-0758228734
Romance anthology

"An enjoyable erotic romance anthology from Aphrodisia and Delilah Devlin."
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Book Description for Texas Men

Welcome to Honkeytonk, the hottest town in Texas—thanks to its adventurous women, irresistible men, and sizzling sex...

Bound and Determined

Bar owner Tara Toomey is in the mood to serve bad boy Cody Westhofen more than a drink. What better way to capture his attention—and more—than to kidnap him for a wanton weekend? Tied to Tara's bed, Cody is more than willing to cooperate...

Breezy Ridin'

When Joe Chavez and a sheriff's deputy pull over a speeding motorcycle, it's no surprise the county judge's naughty daughter Sarah Michelson is behind the wheel—naked. And when she bribes them with a threesome, all laws are suspended as the men prepare for the ride of their lives...

Night Watch

Schoolteacher Amy Keating never planned to be a voyeur, but one innocent glance into deputy Logan Ross's bedroom window has her hooked. Now she's into a world of sexual play she never knew existed...

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