Wicked Beast

by Tawny Taylor

Bookcover: Wicked Beast

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Wicked Beast
Tawny Taylor
Kensington Aphrodisia
Trade Paperback
January 2009
256 Pages
ISBN 10: 0758226780
ISBN 13: 978-0758226785
Romance novel


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Book Description for Wicked Beast

Take Me. Tempt Me. Tame Me.

Cailey Holm is definitely not a cat person—in fact, she's terrified of felines in all forms. Creating a sexy were-lion as the hero of her latest erotic romance was supposed to help her overcome that fear, but suddenly the tall, dangerous, domineering alpha-cat of her darkest dreams is standing in her living room—and then carrying her back to his world, demanding to explore her most erotic fantasies...

Set free from Cailey's story, Lander Cornelius, King of the Werekin, now has a mind of his own—not to mention a magnificent, muscular body specially designed to make his mistress ache with desire. At first Lander's only motive is to protect his people by controlling Cailey's magic. But now, he intends to bring them both to the peak of ultimate ecstasy, showing her the intense pleasure of total submission, and unleashing a pure, animal passion that has no limits except their wildest imaginations...

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