Dangerous Passion

by Lisa Marie Rice

Bookcover: Dangerous Passion

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Dangerous Passion
Lisa Marie Rice
Avon Red
Trade Paperback
August 2009
ISBN 13: 978-0-061-20861-4
Romance novel

Feelings kill faster than bullets.


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Book Description for Dangerous Passion

Feelings kill faster than bullets.

That's Drake's creed. A legend, a renegade, a ruthless, powerful enigma understood by no one and feared by all, Viktor ""Drake"" Drakovich heads up a billion-dollar empire—and shows no mercy to the many enemies who would stop at nothing to destroy him. He is a man with no love and no weakness, until...

Grace Larsen takes Drake's breath away the first time he sees her—and quickly becomes his obsession. Never before has he burned for someone the way he desires this hauntingly beautiful artist who is plagued by troubling dreams. He aches to possess her, to protect her, to carry her to new heights of sensuous arousal and rapturous release.

But entering Drake's world means becoming a target—for relentless, bloodthirsty foes have been eagerly waiting for him to expose his weak spot. And the price of their passion may be their lives.

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