Gothic Heat

by Portia Da Costa

Bookcover: Gothic Heat

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Gothic Heat
Portia Da Costa
Black Lace
May 2008
ISBN 10: 035234170X
Erotica novel

Scintillating sequel to Gothic Blue


Formats » Paperback

Book Description for Gothic Heat

Paula Beckett has a problem. The spirit of the wicked and voluptuous sorceress Isidora Katori is trying to possess her body. Paula finds herself driven by dark desires and a delicious wanton recklessness totally uncharacteristic of her.

Meanwhile, Rafe Hathaway is irresistibly drawn to both the wild spirit and Paula as she truly is. But who will he finally choose? Feisty and sexy Paula, who's fighting impossible odds to hang on to her very existence, or sultry and ruthless Isadora, who offers him the key to immortal life?

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