The Choice

by Monica Belle

Bookcover: The Choice

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The Choice
Monica Belle
Black Lace
May 2009
ISBN 10: 0352345128
Erotica novel


Formats » Paperback

Book Description for The Choice

Poppy Miller is an exceptionally bright and ambitious student at a top British university. Determined to make her mark in politics, she has her mind set on finding a husband with similar aspirations to her own. Stephen Mitchell, a second-year law student, seems to fit the profile and the young pair begin a tender love affair and plan a future together. But then Dr James McLean, a rakish don, appears on the scene. Poppy knows that a liaison with the darkly seductive McLean will change the course of her life - but perhaps deep down that is what she wants after all? Poppy has to make a choice: should she go with her head or with her heart?

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