A Scent of Seduction

by Colleen Collins

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A Scent of Seduction
Colleen Collins
Harlequin Blaze #291
November 2006
ISBN 10: 0373792948
Romance novel

Miniseries: Lust Potion #9


Formats » Paperback

Book Description for A Scent of Seduction

Kathryn Walters may once have been a career-obsessed book editor with a libido that fell asleep in the time-out corner, but no more. Ever since she and Coyote Sullivan—sports editor and Native American hottie—shared a sniff of a supposed lust potion, things have really heated up. So much so that she's abandoned her nightly fantasies in favor of a much steamier reality.

But are the fireworks the real deal?

Or is this fling the result of the potion? And if the stuff isn't fake, what do they do when the bottle runs dry?

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