Her Secret Fling

by Sarah Mayberry

Her Secret Fling
Sarah Mayberry
Harlequin Blaze #517
January 2010
ISBN 10: 0373795211
ISBN 13: 9780373795215
Romance novel


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Book Description for Her Secret Fling

Talk about office politics!

Jake Stevens—star reporter and celebrated literary genius—is a snake. How else to explain the way he turns Poppy Birmingham's hero worship into loathing with a single conversation? So what if she's got a lot to learn about journalism? Aren't they coworkers now? On the same team? Jake can take his attitude and...

Then during a job-related road trip, their relationship goes from antagonistic to hedonistic in no time flat. And suddenly Poppy can't think of anything more delicious than having a secret fling with Jake. But with all this intensity, can she really keep it no-strings-attached?

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