In A Bind

by Stephanie Bond

Bookcover: In A Bind

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In A Bind
Stephanie Bond
Harlequin Blaze #434
November 2008
ISBN 10: 037379438X
ISBN 13: 978-0373794386
Romance novel

Miniseries: Sex for Beginners


Formats » Paperback, Audio Download

Subjects » Fantasies

Book Description for In A Bind

This sexual fantasy will keep her tied up for a while...

An unfulfilled sexual fantasy. A life on the verge of change. And an old letter that ignites a delicious chain of events!

Zoe Smythe, an engaged international flight attendant, is suddenly very curious. The letter she wrote to herself ten years ago reminds her that her deepest sexual fantasy is bondage. And she's never experienced it!

On a flight to Australia, yummy passenger Colin Cannon is very willing to fulfill Zoe's fantasy. They give the mile-high club a thrilling new definition!

And Colin wouldn't mind tying up Zoe for the rest of her life. But is the fulfillment of one sexual fantasy, no matter how earth-shaking, enough for Zoe to turn her entire life upside down?

Sex for Beginners...Because what you don't know can turn you on!

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