My Fake Fiancee

by Nancy Warren

Bookcover: My Fake Fiancee

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My Fake Fiancee
Nancy Warren
Harlequin Blaze #553
July 2010
ISBN 13: 978-0-37379-557-4
Romance novel

Miniseries: Forbidden Fantasies


Formats » Paperback,

Subjects » Fakes and Romantic Pretense

Book Description for My Fake Fiancee

The Rules of Fake Engagement

The Terms: Caterer Chelsea Hammond will live with insurance broker David Wolfe for three months in order for him to clinch a massive promotion. Newly returned from Paris, Chelsea will use his kitchen for her new catering business.

Strictly business...

The Rules:

  1. No kissing
  2. No kissing unless his boss is watching
  3. No touching. Not too much touching
  4. No sex
  5. No sex, except for one really hot, satisfying night
  6. No falling in love
  7. Definitely no falling in love
  8. ...Uh-oh

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