Once an Outlaw

by Debbi Rawlins

Bookcover: Once an Outlaw

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Once an Outlaw
Debbi Rawlins
Harlequin Blaze #455
March 2009
ISBN 13: 9780373794591
Romance novel

Miniseries: Stolen From Time


Formats » Paperback, Audio Download

Subjects » Cowboys, Paranormal, Time Travel

Book Description for Once an Outlaw

In the rough-and-tumble town of Deadwood in 1876, cowboy Sam Keegan is about as hard as they get. Considered a real sexy piece of man by the local womenfolk, Sam runs the town livery stable. And he was last seen in the company of a pretty gal in a wedding dress, Reese Winslow...who escaped one of the local brothels!

The little lady claims to be a doctor—from the future, no less! Beware of her, as she's causing no end of problems. Mostly for Sam, who is real skittish about the law. But trouble or not, the man can't seem to stop himself from wanting Reese...and learnin' firsthand what women from the future like to do with hot, hard cowboys!

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