Out of Control

by Julie Miller

Bookcover: Out of Control

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Out of Control
Julie Miller
Harlequin Blaze #459
April 2009
224 Pages
ISBN 10: 0373794630
ISBN 13: 9780373794638
Romance novel

Miniseries: From 0-60


Formats » Paperback,

Book Description for Out of Control

Legendary detective Black Jack Riley likes fast cars and faster women. But he's a man on a mission: going undercover at the Dahlia Speedway to avenge a friend.

Enter sexy, unpredictable young mechanic Alexandra Morgan. She's delicious trouble, with a capital T! She's also key to his success...

...if Jack can keep her from blowing his cover.

Their thrilling rides between the sheets are a sweet bonus. Yet no matter how hard and hot Alex revs his motor, vengeance drives Jack. If he loses control, he loses the case.

And even the raciest sex of his life isn't worth that....

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