Pleasure to the Max!

by Cami Dalton

Bookcover: Pleasure to the Max!

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Pleasure to the Max!
Cami Dalton
Harlequin Blaze #414
August 2008
ISBN 13: 9780373794188
Romance novel

"He was magically delicious!"


Formats » Paperback

Subjects » Charms, Spells and Magick, Treasure

Book Description for Pleasure to the Max!

Cassie Parker's globe-trotting great-aunt has sent her a Gypsy "lover's box." All she has to do is write down her most erotic fantasy, tuck it inside the box and presto! Her own personal sex genie will appear. Right! So Cassie is totally shocked when a gorgeous stranger does show up. And she's even more shocked by the things she wants to do with him....

Treasure hunter Max Stone isn't amused. His latest treasure has been swiped and he's followed it to a dusty little antiquities shop in the States. Surely one woman can't stand in the way of his retrieving the priceless lover's box? Little did he guess that he'd have his hands full (literally!) with sexy Cassie. Or that he'd have to hold off on locating the box until after he located his clothes....

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