Power Play

by Nancy Warren

Bookcover: Power Play

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Power Play
Nancy Warren
Harlequin Blaze #502
November 2009
ISBN 10: 0373795068
ISBN 13: 9780373795062
Romance novel

Miniseries: Forbidden Fantasies

Keep her hands to herself? Not easy...


Formats » Paperback, Ebook

Book Description for Power Play

Keep her hands to herself?

Not easy for Emily Saunders, who's in Elk Crossing, Idaho, for a family wedding. She's double booked in the same hotel room with a sexy cop attending—of all things!—a hockey tournament. As a massage therapist, Emily's soon itching to soothe Jonah Betts's gorgeous muscles—both on and off the ice.

Jonah can't believe his luck—a sexy single woman sharing his cozy room, albeit temporarily. Okay, her orange bridesmaid dress is a disaster and her family is convinced he's actually her boyfriend. He's ready to go along with it even as he makes his play....

Until Emily is suddenly calling for a TIME-OUT! Will Jonah's fantasies be permanently iced?

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