by Tori Carrington

Bookcover: Restless

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Tori Carrington
Harlequin Blaze #439
December 2008
ISBN 10: 0373794436
ISBN 13: 978-0373794430
Romance novel

Miniseries: Indecent Proposals


Formats » Paperback

Subjects » Christmas, Holidays

Book Description for Restless

Straitlaced lawyer Lizzie Gilbred has had it with being a good girl. This Christmas, she's going to be naughty—very, very naughty. And lucky for her, she knows just the guy to help her....

Patrick Gauge, a footloose musician with a body to die for, is exactly the type of man Lizzie's got on her holiday wish list. What better way to take the plunge into the official world of "bad girl-dom" than jumping right into his bed! Gauge makes her body sing...and it's a wickedly seductive tune.

Lizzie can't believe what a wildcat she becomes in his arms. But it's clearly just a physical thing between her and the restless guitarist....

That is, unless she can find a new song for them to play—one with more permanent lyrics!

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