Secret Seduction

by Lori Wilde

Bookcover: Secret Seduction

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Secret Seduction
Lori Wilde
Harlequin Blaze #411
August 2008
ISBN 13: 9780373794157
Romance novel

Miniseries: Perfect Anatomy

"No one ever said full disclosure was part of the game..."


Formats » Paperback

Subjects » Bodyguards, Physicians, Nurses, and Medical People, Secrets, Undercover Agents/Work

Book Description for Secret Seduction

Our luxurious medical facility specializes in discreet, opulent care for exclusive clientele. Due to some recent "occurrences" at the hospital, bodyguard Tanner Doyle—a blond, tasty hunk of man—has been hired to keep an eye on the place. But he can't seem to focus on anything other than Dr. Vanessa Rodriguez....

Tanner's job is twofold: take care of security and be an undercover, personal bodyguard for Vanessa. Unfortunately, the "personal" part is turning into "very intimate," and Tanner's professionalism is flying out the window—along with his clothes! But can their smokin'-hot chemistry make up for the fact that he's been deceiving Vanessa from day one?

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