Sweet Surrender

by Lori Wilde

Bookcover: Sweet Surrender

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Sweet Surrender
Lori Wilde
Harlequin Blaze #561
September 2010
ISBN 13: 978-0373795659
Romance anthology

Miniseries: Encounters


Formats » Paperback, Ebook

Book Description for Sweet Surrender

The Dilemma: How to get over a man-summer gone bad? Ban males next time out.

The Bet: No sex this summer vacation. So who will not hold out the longest?

First there was Bianca
Bianca St. James is desperately pretending her billionaire playboy client isn't fiendishly hot. Self-control...not a chance!

Then Madison
Safely away from temptation, Madison Garrett's confident she'll win the wager...until she sees her travel companion. Will all bets— and clothes—be off?

And finally Emma
Emma Jacobs was set up. Now she's alone in the wilderness with her achingly hot former high school sweetie...surely no one will notice if she's a little bad, will they?

May the best woman win!

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