The Captive

by Joanne Rock

Bookcover: The Captive

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The Captive
Joanne Rock
Harlequin Blaze #534
April 2010
ISBN 13: 978-0373795383
Romance novel

Miniseries: Blaze Historical
Miniseries: Blazing Historicals


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Book Description for The Captive

Women should be sweet, mild mannered...docile. Unfortunately, Lady Gwendolyn, a rich Saxon widow, is none of those things.

And Viking warrior Wulf Geirsson wants her desperately! One glimpse of the brazen beauty scrambling over the castle ramparts, and he knows he has to have her. Especially when she takes a tumble and lands at his feet.

But Wulf quickly finds that taking Gwendolyn and keeping her are two different things. And once she decides to engage in a seductive assault of her own, he's the one captivated....

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