The Loner

by Rhonda Nelson

Bookcover: The Loner

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The Loner
Rhonda Nelson
Harlequin Blaze #400
June 2008
ISBN 13: 9780373794041
Romance novel

Miniseries: Men Out of Uniform


Formats » Paperback

Book Description for The Loner

Lucas "Huck" Finn is thrilled to join elite Ranger Security—until he learns his new assignment is to babysit heiress Sapphira Stravos, a doggy-toting debutante who's driving everyone crazy. Still, he can't help but feel there's more to Sapphira than meets the eye. And what's meeting the eye is damn hard to resist....

Thanks to a few stupid threatening letters, Sapphira Stravos is having her style cramped, big-time! How is she going to look after the charities she secretly supports? Although she'd managed to ditch her former jailers, this guy isn't budging. Still, having a guy as hot as Huck around has its perks. After all, if he has to guard her body, he might as well get to enjoy it, too....

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