While She Was Sleeping...

by Isabel Sharpe

Bookcover: While She Was Sleeping...

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While She Was Sleeping...
Isabel Sharpe
Harlequin Blaze #533
April 2010
ISBN 13: 978-0373795376
Romance novel

Miniseries: The Wrong Bed
Miniseries: The Wrong Bed: Again and Again


Formats » Paperback, , ebook

Book Description for While She Was Sleeping...

Alana Hawthorne is asleep. And she's having what can only be described as the Best Dream Ever. There's a deliciously hot guy, some pretty incredible moves and a conclusion that makes her toes curl. Mmm...yes. But the next morning Alana is shocked to find her fantasy man—for real—sprawled naked beside her in bed.

It only gets worse. The excellently hot Sawyer Kern is her sister's brand-new boyfriend. The very same guy Alana came by to check on—because Melanie can be just so impulsive. Only now, Alana's really worried. Because gorgeous Sawyer seems to be looking for a repeat performance....

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