Bad Boys Online

by Erin McCarthy

Bookcover: Bad Boys Online

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Bad Boys Online
Erin McCarthy
Kensington Brava
Trade Paperback
September 2003
ISBN 10: 0-7582-0593-7
Romance anthology

Series: Bad Boys


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Book Description for Bad Boys Online

Erin Mccarthy
Bad Boys Online

"Hard Drive"

Mack Stone can't believe he's just walked in on the delicious Kindra Hill having an online affair in her office. Being discovered in flagrante computer delicto doesn't seem to bother Kindra. In fact, she claims to prefer the impersonal touch to the complication of a relationship. That's enough to make Mack issue a challenge of his own: He wants Kindra to grant him twelve nonstop hours to turn every erotic e-mail into a hot reality and prove that in love and pleasure, there's no substitute for the real thing...

"User Friendly"

Computer guru Evan Barrett can solve any tech problem, but the sight of Halley Connors' lovely head pasted onto some woman's nude body—courtesy of a hacker determined to derail her catering website—just has him in a cold sweat. Imagining his secret crush in the buff is the kind of fantasy that drives him wild every time Halley's near. Now, as they work overtime to save the business, Evan realizes that not every fire needs putting out so quickly...and some require very little stoking to catch...

"Press Any Key"

To Jared Kinkaid, the only way to keep his mind—and his hands—off his luscious co-worker Candy Appleton is to insult or ignore her at every turn. But his efforts at lust control have his boss convinced that the partners need a little help via online couples counseling. But when they're mistakenly signed up for sensual couples counseling instead, Jared and Candy's shock turns to pleasure as they each deliver some hands on therapy of their own...

Take a little time to reboot, 'cause these sly guys give a whole new meaning to on-site tech support...

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