Bliss River

by Thea Devine

Bookcover: Bliss River

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Bliss River
Thea Devine
Kensington Brava
Trade Paperback
July 2002
ISBN 10: 1-57566-801-7
Romance novel


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Book Description for Bliss River


In the steamy Bliss River Valley of South Africa, a colony of aristocratic British citizens have given themselves over—body and soul—to a debauched and dissolute lifestyle. The stifling heat only intensifies their lust for every sin—and for each other...


Into this world of instant—and intense—gratification comes Charles Elliott, a man who walks a tightly controlled line between two worlds. His very presence stirs the air of the colony—and the libidos of its devotees. Under the pretext of setting up a polo club in Bliss River Valley, Charles has put into motion a carefully conceived plan of revenge he has nurtured for years. And even Georgiana Maitland, with her knowing eyes and boundless capacity for passion, can't quench his thirst for vengeance ...


Faced with Charles' blatant disregard, Georgiana uses every womanly weapon at her disposal to disarm him. But when a shocking murder rocks the colony and Charles becomes the prime suspect, he concocts a daring plot, taking her captive in order to escape. It's only a matter of time before he discovers just how willing a hostage Georgiana really is—and how close he is to surrendering to her wanton touch ....

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