Force Of Nature

by Susan Johnson

Bookcover: Force Of Nature

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Force Of Nature
Susan Johnson
Kensington Brava
Trade Paperback
March 2003
ISBN 10: 1-57566-807-6
Romance novel


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Book Description for Force Of Nature

Some characters are simply unforgettable—and Susan Johnson's Jon Hazard Black is one of them. Now, the beloved hero of BLAZE welcomes the beautiful daughter he's never known and plunges his family into chaos, unleashing an insatiable hunger between two proud people, a passion as raw and intense as a...

Force Of Nature

Some Desires Can't Be Denied

Raised by her mother in bohemian Italy, free-spirited Jo Attenborough's modern notions of a woman's role frequently land her in hot water...but nothing like the heat she experiences under the penetrating gaze of a mysterious man...

Some Hungers Are Beyond Control

His mother Irish and his father a samurai, Flynn Ito has the spirit of a warrior—and a reputation as a dangerous man. The reclusive cattle baron protects what's his...and what he wants to possess more than anything he's ever known is Jo...

Some Temptations Are Impossible To Resist

They never should have met. But when their worlds collide, every desire will be granted, every forbidden pleasure explored, and every temptation will make an act of war into the sweetest surrender...

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