Hello, Gorgeous!

by MaryJanice Davidson

Bookcover: Hello, Gorgeous!

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Hello, Gorgeous!
MaryJanice Davidson
Kensington Brava
Trade Paperback
March 2005
ISBN 10: 0-7582-0804-9
Romance novel


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Book Description for Hello, Gorgeous!

They Want Her To Save The World. She Just Wants To Shop.

Here's the story: One minute I'm out with my sorority sisters; the next, there's a terrible accident (beyond my friend Stacey's outfit), and I'm waking up in some weird clinic with the Eggheads Du Jour telling me I'm now officially a human cyborg, and I'm supposed to work for them from now on. You know, super spy style...stop people from doing evil things and stuff. Uh, hello—did I ask for this? I've got a beauty salon to run. If those bad guys need highlights and a pedicure, call me. Otherwise, I'll be at the bar.

Okay. So it is cool to move faster than a Ford Mustang when I need to, even if it's totally hard on my shoes. But I just want to get back to my old, normal life. Except The Boss—that's his name, I swear—wants me to bring in another human cyborg on the run. And here's the thing: He's totally gorgeous. Smart. Funny. And, um, his "enhancements"? Let's just say he's not faster than a speeding bullet, if you know what I mean. So what's a former party girl-turned-spy-cyborg supposed to do? Arrest the hunk? Turn him in? Neutralize him? As if...

Only MaryJanice Davidson could create a story as wonderfully wacky as it is sinfully sexy, where a reluctant bionic babe can save the world, knock back tequila shots, meet the man of her dreams and never, ever break a nail...

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