The Art Of Seduction

by Katherine O'Neal

Bookcover: The Art Of Seduction

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The Art Of Seduction
Katherine O'Neal
Kensington Brava
January 2007
ISBN 10: 0-7582-1061-2
Romance novel


Formats » Paperback

Book Description for The Art Of Seduction

Mason Caldwell is not who she claims to be.
For one thing, she is alive and well.
As a masquerade her life is a masterpiece.
And only Richard Garrett has the power to expose the truth...

The Art Of Seduction

Frustrated by the world's indifference to her haunting, sensual paintings, Mason Caldwell boldly fakes her own death. The results are as brilliant as the colors imbuing her art. Now disguised as her surviving "sister" Amy, Mason enjoys the fruits of her deception—fame, wealth, and entry into the glittering halls of haute Paris.

It's a perfect deceit until art expert Richard Garrett enters the picture. For something about the Mason Caldwell myth doesn't sit right with him, and he intends to uncover the truth...if a shadowy past or his own heart doesn't betray him. But a woman of Mason's talents isn't easily undone, and a dangerous game of truths and lies can reveal hidden desires, igniting a passion beyond their control...

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