by Lori Foster

Bookcover: Unexpected

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Lori Foster
Kensington Brava
Trade Paperback
September 2003
ISBN 10: 0-7582-0548-1
Romance novel


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Book Description for Unexpected

In this deliciously erotic novel, bestselling author Lori Foster creates an unforgettable heroine in Ray Vereker, a female Rambo with quick reflexes, sharp instincts, a hot body, and a bad case of morning sickness...

Oh, Yes...

This was not what Eli Conners had expected. With a name like Ray Vereker, the mercenary he'd hired to rescue his irresponsible brother should have been a tank of a guy with forty tattoos and a prison record. But the gorgeous, delicate creature demonstrating her considerable karate skills—on an unfortunate bar troll who just grabbed her below the black belt—is all woman and all business. While Eli certainly needs Ray's help, he thinks she could use a little of what he's offering...a down-and-dirty, body-scorching passion of the forever kind...

Oh, No...

Ray's as good as any man when it comes to storming enemy compounds and loading an AK-47. What she's not prepared for is the way Eli's strong, masculine sensuality and gentle touch leave her shaken and stirred. And really, who could blame a girl for succumbing to temptation (unbelievable, mind-blowing temptation) in the steamy jungle? But now it's back to business. If only Eli's presence didn't have her feeling hot, bothered, dizzy, and just a little bit, well, queasy...

Oh, Baby...

The last thing either of these unlikely lovers expects is to be expecting. Suddenly, Ray's precise, no-nonsense mission is veering wildly off course, derailed by raging hormones, out-of-control desire, and a delirious love that is completely unexpected...

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