by Jami Alden

Bookcover: Unleashed

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Jami Alden
Kensington Brava
September 2009
ISBN 10: 0758225482
ISBN 13: 978-0-7582-2548-1
Romance novel

Series: The Gemini Men


Formats » Paperback, Ebook

Subjects » Private Investigators

Book Description for Unleashed

Danny Taggart is the biggest badass of all the Gemini Men. And there's only one thing a woman can do with a man this hot, hard, and ready for action....

He's the oldest of the three Taggart brothers. And the boldest. Tall, dark and rippling with muscle, Danny Taggart takes no prisoners. But when his latest case puts him up close and personal with the woman who once left him raw and aching, he's shell-shocked. Caroline Medford is still hotter than hell. But she's also got her pretty grip on the truths that have shaped him into the soul-ravaged warrior he is today. Burned once, Danny's plan is to satisfy his craving for Caroline and walk away. Yet once he has her warm and willing beneath him, he can't get deep enough—or close enough. Not even when danger threatens to destroy everything he's ever fought for. Including the only woman he's ever loved...

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