Who Loves Ya, Baby?

by Gemma Bruce

Bookcover: Who Loves Ya, Baby?

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Who Loves Ya, Baby?
Gemma Bruce
Kensington Brava
Trade Paperback
November 2005
ISBN 10: 0-7582-1249-6
Romance novel


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Book Description for Who Loves Ya, Baby?

Let's Get Lucky

Catch and cuff a perp without batting a false eyelash? No problem for NYPD undercover cop Julie Excelsior. But her big mouth just got her demoted...seems that the department doesn't appreciate a whistle-blower. Well, Julie is too restless to park her long legs under a desk and twiddle her thumbs. She might break a nail—or somebody's head—just to relieve the boredom. Hello? Is anybody listening? That's it. I quit. I'm moving on. Time to say goodbye to the grit and grime of the precinct house, and hello to the simple life upstate where her Uncle Wes, that old practical joker, just died and left her a house on twenty acres. Plus about a million chickens. And the little town of Excelsior Falls has a few other surprises in store...like Julie's childhood pal Cas Reynolds, who grew up to be quite a man. As in six foot two of buff-a-licious fantasy fun. And he's the sheriff. Who could ask for anything more?

How about a hidden treasure? Yes, Uncle Wes hid something wonderful for his near and dear ones to find but exactly what it is and where it is, no one really knows. Everybody's got a clue but nobody's talking—and the whole damn town is digging up her north forty inch by inch, hoping to get lucky. But Cas and Julie already have, what with toe-curling kisses and tangling up the sheets. In fact, they're having the hottest time of their lives...

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