Who Wants To Be A Sex Goddess?

by Gemma Bruce

Bookcover: Who Wants To Be A Sex Goddess?

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Who Wants To Be A Sex Goddess?
Gemma Bruce
Kensington Brava
December 2006
ISBN 10: 0-7582-1622-X
Romance novel


Formats » Paperback

Book Description for Who Wants To Be A Sex Goddess?

Rub Me Down, Love Me Up

Sex guru Dr. Fiona Bliss runs a for-women-only spa where ladies unleash their inner goddess, basking like Aphrodite in flowing robes while buff men cater to their every need. But stuntwoman Andy McAllister doesn't have time for a massage. Not when her eccentric Aunt Matilda has disappeared into Blissland.

Disguising herself as a rich, mousy client, Andy runs straight into P.I. Dillon Roth, who's undercover himself, investigating the untimely death of a spa guest. Fall in love with the guy? She could do that in a heartbeat.

Get ready for world-class backstabbing, radical romance, and hilarious bitchery. And when the investigation heats up, Andy and Dillon are ready for sheet-scorching fun...

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