Wicked Women 101

by Susanna Carr

Bookcover: Wicked Women 101

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Wicked Women 101
Susanna Carr
Kensington Brava
Trade Paperback
January 2005
ISBN 10: 0-7582-0828-6
Romance anthology

Series: Wicked Women


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Book Description for Wicked Women 101

Welcome to "Wicked" Women 101, where being good is all a matter of perspective. In these sinfully delicious tales, Susanna Carr introduces three former sorority sisters who are ready to let down their ladylike hair, pick up their pens, and jot down a few notes on the art of being oh-so-wicked...

Six Weeks to Sensuality

Amy Bryce is a lady. That's what everyone knows. Sweet, loyal Amy. She might as well have the word "sucker" tattooed on her forehead. Only a sucker would manage a polite smile while her ex-boyfriend proposed to her worst enemy. Well, Amy's finally had enough of being a good girl. She's ready to taste how the other half lives, and what better way to try it than volunteering for hunky Dr. Marc Javier's latest sensuality project? But what the sexy scholar has in mind isn't a simple Q&A; it's a very hands-on experiment...a living, breathing, touching, kissing sensuality makeover designed to unleash Amy's inner vixen on every blissful level...

Code Pink

When it comes to building and breaking codes, Jennifer Clark is the master. Too bad she can't seem to fathom men. And the most unfathomable of all is Special Agent Bryan Matthews. Everything about the guy is like neon lights spelling out "Hot Sex." Except that he's made it patently clear she's not on his radar anymore. So why is the dark, brooding hunk striding over to her table at the restaurant and taking a seat where her date should be? And how did he manage to decode her secret message to that date, the one that promised a certain, uh, dessert? Now that Bryan has cracked her code, he's come to collect his promised reward, and Jennifer is about to get a lesson in deciphering ecstasy...

Fantasies Are Forever

Former college braniac Caroline Mitchell has reinvented herself as the chic owner of an aromatherapy business. But not when Joe Hatcher is around. The teasing co-worker with the hot smile leaves her feeling like the geek she's tried to bury under her designer clothes. Joe's even begun to invade her dreams. And what dreams they are...so hot Caroline's waking up more flustered than rested. The only way to get Joe out of her mind permanently is to get him into her bed at once. After she's indulged every fantasy she's ever had about the sly, charming hunk, she can get back to business as usual. But once she's fallen into a steamy, sensual dream with Joe, she might not ever want to wake up...

When it comes to hot, "wicked" fun, these stories are at the head of the class...

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