Rescue Me

by Megan Clark

Bookcover: Rescue Me

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Rescue Me
Megan Clark
July 2005
210 Pages
ISBN 10: 0-7582-0980-0
Erotica novel


Formats » Paperback

Book Description for Rescue Me

A UCLA student who always thought she had a healthy, adventurous sexual appetite discovers new worlds of pleasure on her first trip to Europe. It will be a sultry, sensual summer she'll never forget...

An aspiring photographer, Danielle hopes studying abroad will open her to new experiences that will give her art more depth. She has no idea how successful her plan will be until she meets her new roommate, Natasha, a woman whose vanity plates read "Rescue Me."

The moment the wild, provocative Natasha suggests the two Americans SET off on a trip across the continent, Danielle knows she should refuse. Instead, she abandons her usual rules and travels from Greece to Paris to Prague—"The Velvet City," trusting in Natasha's unfailing instinct for finding the most fascinating, flirtatious, and tempting who make promises with their eyes and deliver them in bed. As Danielle reaches dizzying new heights of sexual conquest, she relishes the daring new freedom that will change her forever, opening her eyes to the delicious possibilities available to a woman who knows what she wants...

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