Hard as Nails

by M.A. Ellis

Bookcover: Hard as Nails

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Hard as Nails
M.A. Ellis
Ellora's Cave Romantica
Trade Paperback
September 2008
290 Pages
ISBN 13: 978-1-419957-92-5
Romance anthology

The Hot and Henderson series, all in one book


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Book Description for Hard as Nails

The Cake Babe

Start of the Hot Hendersons series

Marissa pushed aside all thoughts of men and focused on establishing her business. That is, until Jason strolls into the kitchen the day before a big wedding. Tall and ripped with teasing brown eyes, his heart-stopping grin has her self-imposed celibacy crumbling.

Jason sets eyes on the hot cake babe and immediately wonders if she's as sweet as the confections she creates. Her girl-next-door cuteness and lush curves are sheer distraction. Soon he's tasting more than just her famous butter cream.

Who knew a little leftover frosting, an urge to go without panties and an errant bouquet toss would have Marissa's calm existence churning in a sexual maelstrom she suddenly has no wish to overcome.

Love's Ally

Book 2 in the Hot Hendersons series.

It's the spring of Tessa's discontent. Sales are low, she's losing her best friend to the unholy union of matrimony and her sex life is on the skids. But that's about to change.

Tom has covertly observed the fiery redhead for longer than he'd like to admit and he's kept his distance...until now. Assuming he can harness his desire, he gives her a lift home from a party but realizes his miscalculation the minute she slides across the seat of his truck.

All Tessa's wanted for the past six months is to touch him. Maybe a little taste. But when he pulls her into his arms and the windows steam up, they both realize a little of anything is rarely ever enough.

Hallow's Eve Hunk

Book 3 in the Hot Hendersons series, but is a stand-alone story.

Vicky is looking forward to her cousin's holiday party, until the evening turns a little too kinky for her tastes. She flees the scene and finds a quiet neighborhood bar complete with pool tables, fine bourbon and a hunk among hunks.

When a beauty dressed as a National Velvet wet dream sidles up to the bar Andy has to have her. Their innocent game of Halloween role playing turns hot and they embark on a journey of sexual exploration neither expected the night to bring.

It's an evening Vicky and Andy aren't likely to forget. One filled with secret desires, skeletons in the closet and more than a few things going bump in the night. All night!

Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal

Book 4 in the Hot Hendersons series.

Professor Shelly Latimer is spending the final moments of her day overlooking the river, a glass of good red wine in one hand and the coffin-shaped box containing her wedding rings in the other. She's not looking for Divorce Day companionship but it finds her...in the hot, hard-bodied form of her neighbor, Luke Henderson.

Shelly's logical mind balks at Luke's sudden interest, though he strives to convince her he's genuine in ways she's never experienced.

Luke realizes straight off that he'll have his hands full with more than Shelly's womanly curves. There's his playboy reputation to dispel, her apprehension about age differences to ease, and the daunting task of convincing her that the passion they share is much more than just a fling.

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