The Family Jewels

by Carole Hart

Bookcover: The Family Jewels

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The Family Jewels
Carole Hart
NAL Heat
Trade Paperback
March 2009
272 Pages
ISBN 10: 0451226372
ISBN 13: 978-0-451-22637-2
Erotica novel


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Book Description for The Family Jewels

From the author of Pleasure U comes the erotic tale of a jewel thief who uses the art of seduction to get what she wants.

After relieving a wealthy young count of his irreplaceable jewels, master thief Olivia is ready to lie back and live the good life for a while. Then the one man she's never forgotten turns up. Paul taught her everything she knows about thieving, as well as more intimate arts. Now he's stolen the gems she herself purloined—and wants more than money in exchange for them. He wants her to pull a heist with him. The mark is a wild heiress whose parties are known to push the limits of all who attend.

But what begins with a heist turns into a lusty game of cat-and-mouse. Olivia is game to play with both cops and robbers—and anyone else who gets in her way. Because if there's one thing Olivia knows how to handle, it's the family jewels...

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