Mona Lisa Darkening

by Sunny

Bookcover: Mona Lisa Darkening

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Mona Lisa Darkening
Berkley Sensation
January 2009
304 Pages
ISBN 13: 978-0-22647-6
Romance novel

Series: Children of the Moon


Formats » Paperback, Ebook

Subjects » Demons, Fantasy Worlds, Immortal Beings, Vampires

Book Description for Mona Lisa Darkening

On the night of the vernal equinox, when the length of night equals the length of day and the barriers between the realms thin, Mona Lisa basks. But instead of drawing down renewing white light from the moon, a smothering black light descends and snatches Mona Lisa down to NetherHell—the cursed realm of the damned dead—the realm that Mona Louisa, the former Monere Queen of Louisiana, would have gone to after her death, had not her demon-tainted essence been sucked into Mona Lisa and twined with Mona Lisa's own soul.

There in NetherHell, Mona Louisa is strong enough to manifest physically in the body she shares with Mona Lisa.

The existence in NetherHell is a harsh and bloody one. A frightening gargoyle warlord ruler takes Mona Lisa as his propertyand hopes to make her the mother of his child. Halcyon, the High Prince of Hell, and Gryphon, Mona Lisa's first love, must now cross the gate from Hell into NetherHell in search of the woman they both love as they race against a ticking clock—the gate will close between the two realms in less than twenty-four hours, trapping them in NetherHell forever.

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