I Spy a Naughty Game

by Jo Davis

Bookcover: I Spy a Naughty Game

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I Spy a Naughty Game
Jo Davis
NAL Heat
Trade Paperback
September 2010
ISBN 13: 978-0-451-231161
Romance novel

Series: SHADO Agency


Formats » Trade Paperback, Ebook, ebook

Book Description for I Spy a Naughty Game

A tantalizing tale of erotic suspense in which a mask slips-and everything is revealed...

Blaze Kelly, one of the Secret Homeland Defense Organization's top spies, is a powerful D/S master, and all raw male. Yet underneath his mask hides a wounded soul that aches for love. Emma Foster wears disguises too as part of her job for SHADO. But she's not excited about her next mission-with the man who broke her heart.

Together they must infiltrate a group that plans to transfer a weapon of mass destruction into enemy hands-a mission that involves them in an illicit sexual game. As they are forced to explore their most dangerous desires, they face a challenge that could break even the steeliest of spies...

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