Everything Forbidden

by Jess Michaels

Bookcover: Everything Forbidden

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Everything Forbidden
Jess Michaels
Avon Red
Trade Paperback
October 2007
272 Pages
ISBN 10: 0061283940
ISBN 13: 978-0061283949
Romance novel


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Book Description for Everything Forbidden

For summers Miranda Albright has watched—aghast, yet shamefully titillated—as her wicked neighbor Ethan Hamon, the notorious Earl of Rothschild, "entertained" a succession of lovers on the grounds of his estate. Now that her father has passed on, leaving behind a mountain of debt, Miranda must do the unthinkable. For Ethan has promised to sponsor her younger sisters, financially and socially, at a scandalously dear price: Miranda must offer herself to him completely for three full months, with no remorse and no restraints.

Ninety days and nights of unbridled sensuality await her in the arms of a rogue who views her submission as no more than a grand erotic game. But neither Miranda nor Ethan realize that fire blazes behind her innocent blush. And once her passion is unleashed by his lips and his touch, it is the student who will school the teacher in the ways of forbidden pleasure...and love.

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