Eternal Love

by Maggie Shayne

Bookcover: Eternal Love

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Eternal Love
Maggie Shayne
Berkley Sensation
Trade Paperback
November 2007
576 Pages
ISBN 10: 0425217396
ISBN 13: 978-0425217399
Romance anthology


Formats » Trade Paperback

Book Description for Eternal Love

Two passionate paranormal romances in one volume from the New York Times bestselling author.

In Eternity, readers will savor the story of Raven St. James, whose unearthly beauty brought accusations of witchcraft-and a sentence of death. Luckily Duncan, the town minister, saved her life. But Raven could not save him. Now, after three centuries, Raven has found Duncan in the body of a man who has no memory of their past. As Duncan slowly reawakens, they are once more endangered by the evil that tore them apart.

Infinity tells the enthralling tale of Nicodemus Lachlan, who lay dormant in the Scottish Highlands for five centuries after his one love betrayed him. The only thing he remembers is Arianna, the golden-haired lass who touched his soul-and her treachery, which cost him his life. But when Arianna finds a way to bring back her love, the dark power that reunited the two threatens all they hold dear.

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